Moringa Sapling in Packet

If you have received the saplings, then remove the plastic bag and directly re-plant in the Earth or in an earthen pot and place it in your balcony or terrace garden.  But remember to re-plant it only in the evening between 6 p.m. and 7 p.m. If re-planted during the day, there is chance of the sapling dying due to shock of change of place.  However, if planted in the evening, the plant immediately goes to sleep and does not realize the change.Surprised to read this! Yes, it’s true. Every part of creation is alive, it experiences and feels much more than we understand.

If you are not presently contributing towards the Healthy Earth, you can start now! Start today and become a proud Healthy Earth Ambassador! 

Contact HUGE for the FREE saplings or seeds of the Miracle Tree – Moringa. 

Let’s all get together for the Good of Everyone because only United We Can Survive!

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