If you have received the seeds, then first prepare a nursery.  Wrap the seeds in a clean tissue paper and nicely wet the paper with water.  Place the seeds with the wet tissue paper in a self-sealing Ziploc bag.  After three to four days, you may check if the tissue paper is yet moist, if not, wet it with few drops of water.  The seeds will start germinating in the bag within 7 to 10 days.

Then, take some garden soil in a plastic bag or earthen pot or cut mineral water bottle make small holes in its bottom for excess water to leave.  Put one germinated seed in one bottle and keep near sunshine.  Daily water the soil regularly to just wet it, the seed will become a sapling.  When it grows till about 12 inches tall, it is ready to be put in the Earth or in an earthen pot and place it in your balcony or terrace garden.  

In the meanwhile, locate a 2 feet x 2 feet piece of earth in your society, school, neighbourhood, or way to your school or workplace or anywhere on the highway.  Do not choose any place under another tree, because trees do not grow under trees. 

When the sapling is about 12 inches tall, cut the plastic bag or bottle or remove the container and put in Earth.  In the monsoons, nature will take care of the sapling.  Soon the sapling will become a tree and give you drumsticks, leaves, oxygen, shade, water, etc.  After the monsoons, the tree will take care of itself, however you can keep a watch on the tree and water it when able.  If its far away from you, request a local person to attend to it and make him/her also a Healthy Earth Ambassador. 

Moringa Tree

If you find place in any public place, garden, etc, don’t worry about the drum-sticks, let anyone and everyone enjoy them.  Nature shares her abundance immensely without knowing our name, family, religion and status, let’s make nature’s nature, our nature.  If you have more than one location in mind, then we can send you many seeds and / or saplings.


Contact HUGE for the saplings or seeds of the Miracle Tree – Moringa Free. Together let’s make Mother Earth once again Healthy and Happy!

Volunteers, NGOs, Local communities, schools, colleges in every city, town or village of India can partner with HUGE to help protect your local animals, plants and environment.

If you would like to Unite for a Healthy and Happy Earth, please mail your details including the present activities you undertake for Good of Animals, Plants, Environment or people to [email protected] Please remember to share photographs of any social work done by you, etc.  

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If you are not presently contributing towards the Healthy Earth, you can start now! Start today and become a proud Healthy Earth Ambassador!  

Let’s all get together for the Good of Everyone because only United We Can Survive!   


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